nuggets for your market research


nuggets – market research & consulting provides you with consulting services and support for market research & brand management. Our current solutions and methods are based on decades of experience in market research for leading brands and companies.

Depending on type and scope of your project, we will support you with a suitable team –which can be interdisciplinary and international as well, if required.


  • Many years of experience in market research and brand management on national as well as international level
  • Proficiency in the crucial industries and markets
  • Proven methods and individual solutions
  • Lean organization and transparent procedures


In 2020, nuggets was again awarded “Insider Tip Smaller Agencies – Full Service” in two categories after a similar success in 2018:*

  • nuggets is part of the short list of smaller market research institutes which gave a particularly positive impression in the past 3 years
  • nuggets ranks within the top 3 in the categories ‘consulting skills’ and ‘service orientation’

Signet consulting and price-performace-ratio*Source: Image survey of


Benefit from the experience the nuggets team provides in the following branches:

  • Consumer goods/ FMCG: personal care products, food, dairy products, tobacco, sweets, biscuits and pastries, snacks, sanitary products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, hot beverages
  • OTC/ nonprescription drugs, contact lenses
  • Services: telecommunications, distribution services, insurances, car rentals, tourism
  • Retailing/ e-commerce: food retailing, DIY stores, online shopping platforms
  • Durables: household appliances, office supplies, furnishings, cleaning supplies, gardening tools
  • Restaurant chains
  • Non-profit organizations

You either use our established method modules or we develop an individual approach for your objective. Or we will work out something completely different. No matter what path is chosen, it always begins with a conversation. We look forward to hearing from you.