News add+impact® – putting feelings into ad research

add+impact® – putting feelings into ad research

The discussions about neuroscience und gut feelings suggest: motives for product purchases are often unconscious – in particular in low involvement categories. And: emotions dominate reasons.

So how comes that many companies trust advertising pre-tests that are based on long obsolete models and paradigms (e.g., like the AIDA model)?
We have no idea. But with add+impact® we now offer an alternative approach that is based on the latest neuroscientific thinking. And that puts emotions to paramount importance of the findings.

add+impact® helps you to make your advertising even more effective and supports you in developing strong brands!

This makes add+impact® unique:

  • Strong focus on emotional response to an ad
  • Combines in-depth qualitative answers with robust quantitative measures
  • Comprises explicit as well as implicit learnings about your brand
  • Is flexbible and can be adapted to your requirements and objectives
  • Contains an integrated benchmark fort he impact of the brand on brand perception
  • For classical as well as digital ads in any stadium of execution


  • More than 20 years
  • More than 7,000 tested ads
  • More than 1,400 brands
  • In 50+ countries


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