News nuggets AdvancedPriceConjoint! – for decisions with extra certainty

nuggets AdvancedPriceConjoint! – for decisions with extra certainty

How does your customer gauge your offers’ value for money? Well, he spontaneously gets an impression of the performance of your product, compares it unconsciously with what he knows already, reflects his expectations and then often makes a gut decision. Precisely: the final purchase decision is mainly made intuitively – and the offer must be worth its money.
Conjoint approaches are known to be a pragmatic and still very sound solution for the simulation of an intuitive purchase process. We agree with that – and add a couple of extras in our AdvancedPriceConjoint!. That starts with the interview and goes on with the analyses:

The respondent is confronted with the most realistic stimuli. That could be lifelike appearing product images that are shown as in direct competition next to each other like in a shelf. That implies: claims, benefits, brands are integrated in the packaging image and will not be added as verbal statements. The main idea is that the consumer evaluates the stimuli intuitively and less controlled by reason.

And during the analyses we do not content ourselves by looking at price elasticities and the simulation of different scenarios. In cooperation with quantilope we add marketing-oriented and thrilling analyses – which we display in a markedly smart way:

  • Brand premium as well as product feature price-premium simulations
  • Analyses of switching behaviour
  • Distribution of brand preferences and similarities
  • Cross price sensitivities
  • Identification of price points that optimize turnover and profits

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