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nuggets colleagues in conversation

Diana Leyens is supporting the team of nuggets – market research & consulting as a Research Director since June 2017.

Diana Leyens has been consulting companies on topics of brand, product and communication for 10 years. She has long term experience in the branches of the food service industry, cosmetics, and telecommunication in a national as well as in an international context.

For about the same time she knows our colleague Bianca Ralfs who has joined the nuggets team again after a year of parental leave.

Our colleagues Diana Leyens and Bianca Ralfs

Our colleagues Diana Leyens and Bianca Ralfs

The two had an appointment in the conference room on Monday morning – not only to update each other but also for you to have the chance to get to know them better.

Diana: After one year out of the office some things have changed. Frankly speaking, what did you miss the most and what were you most excited about to come back to?

Bianca: I was most excited to work in a new old team again. Working with people who I know but also to approach new challenges and projects with new colleagues and new thoughts.
What was I missing? Basically I am a mother who wants to work and does not only have to work. I really like my job and I also like to be productive in this kind of way.

Diana: What has changed at nuggets in the last year – what is different since you have come back?

Bianca: I noticed the small things that are happening are a bit different now. Rituals like wiping off the table after our shared lunch in our conference room. With less eaters the crumblers and spillers attract more attention and wipe off the table voluntarily – now everybody is trying to leave the room as quickly and unobtrusively as possible. It is basically like in a flat share now.

A few things have stopped – back then we would go running together. We actually have ideal conditions for running: the Alster river right in front of the door and a shower in the office. Okay, the weather has been bad the last weeks and we had so much work, and you know the knee, and the back…

Diana: And how do you feel about your new office mates?

Bianca: Oh, it is terrific with my two office mates. I am actually surprised about the need for coordination in an office: Window open or closed, heat up or down. But I also enjoy the little running gags, which I am starting to understand now.

Bianca: It is admirable, how relaxed and calm you operate in your job and tell us about less fun incidences with a smile. But who or what can baffle you?

Diana: That’s right, it takes a while until something really upsets me. Ignorance is something that makes me mad for instance. Especially if there is a need for a lot of interaction in a project, ignorance makes it really hard. But luckily that does not happen very often.

Bianca: When I think of our shared interests, I think about our “company hobby” running: What has been your biggest success in sports which meant something to you?

Diana: Well, besides an honorary certificate I received for participating in a competition in elementary school – it has been a few days since – I can remember the Hamburger Morgenpost (a local newspaper, the editor) relay race. It is definitely different to participate in an official competition with timekeeping and a crowd than to run with my colleagues through the park. I even started running just for this event, so it felt good to contribute to the success of the team. But it is still all about having fun at these events…

Bianca: I have got one more private question: we belong to a group of colleagues who love to play Singstar. So I know that you are an enthusiastic and also a quite decent singer. Tell me, what makes you turn up the music and lets you sing along?

Diana: Spanish music does! I like the rhythm! It is cheerful and puts me into a good mood. I do not have to just sing along, I also have to dance along. I mean I am not a great singer and my Spanish cold be better as well – this combination also does not make it better for others – but I love it!

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