News nuggets‘ matter of the heart: Happy children’s eyes at Christmas

nuggets‘ matter oft he heart: Happy children’s eyes at Christmas

With heart & soul, diligence and also some luck we have had an exciting and successful 2017 together. Because of this it is even more important to see the bigger picture and not to ignore that not everybody has been as lucky. That is why it is nuggets‘ matter of the heart to show empathy, to give time and to engage ourselves.

We wanted to start with a joint activity. Since not all children have their wishes fulfilled at Christmas – sometimes not even their smallest – we wanted to make it an enjoyable celebration for at least a couple more children.

The idea of “Hamburg’s happy children’s eyes” is to not see children who have to experience Christmas without receiving any gifts at all. We liked this idea and went to our toy store around the corner to buy toys, craft supplies, books and cuddly toys for small and big kids and wrapped them afterwards.


We agree: Giving makes one happy!

If you’d like to know more about the donation campaign „Happy children’s eyes“, click here (website is in German):