News Quality problems in market research & how we see it

Quality problems in market research & how we see it

The fact that some black sheep in our industry do not take quality standards too seriously is nothing new. A management that does not only cover but even instructs systematic fraud – as the SPIEGEL has reported – is a new dimension. For both, there is no excuse. Both diametrically contradicts what nuggets stands for.

nuggets’ staff are passionate researchers. Being that we are 100% committed to act in our clients’ best interest. Scientifically sound methodology and pragmatic approaches go hand in hand and follow the objectives and requirements of our clients. Of course, high data quality is an integral part of each study. With this we have zero tolerance. We will not accept the “refurbishment” or “wangling” or any kind of data manipulation. We clearly communicate to our partners – like external fieldwork agencies for example – that we would rather accept a well justified “we cannot find this target group” than a questionable “we will make it somehow”.

nuggets works with external partners in a trustful and in most cases long-standing partnership.
The selection of our partners always strictly follows quality criteria. And according to our experience the partners that deliver the best quality are not the cheapest on the market. Nevertheless, we are convinced that investments in partners who have a philosophy similar to ours is right and without alternative. Moreover, we have implemented a number of quality assurance measures in our processes that ensure a high data quality.

Certainly, we are not immune to fraudsters and scammers. Needless to say, we have to trust in not being deceived despite all inspections and checks. But from our point of view the best foundation for high quality work is a partnership on eye level with an understanding for each other’s concerns in which problems can be addressed. And in which no pressure is applied to achieve the impossible.

nuggets does not have and never had a business relationship with any of the institutes named by the SPIEGEL. We explicitly dissociate ourselves from companies with this type of self-conception!

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