News Sales ban of alcohol after 10 pm with little impact on the hoi polloi

Sales ban of alcohol after 10 pm with little impact on the hoi polloi

Baden-Württemberg in Southern Germany has it for more than 5 years now, the Neustadt in Dresden since 2006: a sales prohibition for alcoholic beverages in the retail after 10 pm.
Marlene Mortler, the federal government’s commissioner on drug-related issues, would like to see the sales ban throughout Germany. Our representative survey among 501 Germans aged 18-69 years shows that the effects will most likely be small.

Who would be affected by such a prohibition? And how do the concerned persons see this matter?
It would be a minority that would be affected. Only 21% of the respondents have bought alcohol after 10 pm in the retail. It is not surprising that predominantly young men make use of this option and would therefore be against a sales ban after 10 pm.

A reduction of purchased quantities would hardly be achieved. Most of the affected people would stock up with alcoholic beverages before 10 pm. Even among the 18-39 year old men only 5% state that they would buy less alcohol in case of a prohibition at night.


One thing is becoming clear: perhaps an alcohol ban after 10 pm can alleviate the hotspots in the big cities. Noticeable and exhaustive effects in terms of lower alcohol consumption in general among young adults cannot be expected.

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