News The digital waiter on the rise

The digital waiter on the rise

The digitization is more and more part of our everyday life and will also not stop in the food service industry. But how do guests see the different digitalized processes in restaurants? Which of these have the biggest potential and what providers are seen as particularly proficient? Who will manage the balancing act between personal, emotional customer experience and innovative brand appearance? To address these and further questions, nuggets conducted a representative survey.

Digitization or personal approach? Best would be to provide both!

Guests are fond of an individual appreciation and a personal direct approach. At the same time the use of modern technology can be an entertainment factor, which transforms the visit of a restaurant into an experience and possibly makes the difference in the choice of many options.
On the one hand digitization is seen as a sign of modernity and innovativeness and provides the chance to stand out from the competition. But on the other hand there is the risk of losing the guest by neglecting personal attention and appreciation. An exciting challenge for the food service industry!

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