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The nuggets MES!

The MES (=Magnitude Estimation Scaling) methodology stands out by a freely selectable, unlimited scale.

The use of it allows a truly comparative assessment of products with a scale range that is always able to reflect consumer’s perceptions. Even very small differences between products can be revealed by ‘normal consumers’ and reflect the taste of the populace.

The nuggets MES! offers diverse applications:

  • New product development:
    Which of the developed recipes is the best (possibly also compared to a competitor benchmark)?
  • Optimization of products:
    How can I improve my products? And does the consumer notice and reward this?
  • Cost savings:
    Is a change of the recipe due to more cost-effective ingredients noticed?
  • Benchmark comparison and examination of brand effect:
    Are higher sales connected to a better recipe or are they triggered by brand effects?

The advantages of the nuggets MES! are diverse:


Your benefits: A sound methodology easy to use for consumers that gives you detailed findings about your products in a time and cost effective way.
The nuggets
MES! is ideal for a targeted optimization of your products.

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