NewsFast Fashion: Disposable Clothing

Fast Fashion: Disposable Clothing

Once again nuggets has carried out a research on behalf of Greenpeace to find out about usage and attitudes towards clothing. And once again the echo in German and Austrian media was overwhelming. Spiegel, Welt, Handelsblatt or Frankfurter Allgemeine – many of the leading newspapers or news magazines picked up this topic.

This may not least be due to the alarming results against the background of limited resources. More than 1 billion pieces of clothing in German closets are never or hardly ever used.
More than half of the respondents indicate to sort out most of their clothing (including shoes) within the first 3 years after purchase. Every 8th consumer wears shoes for less than 1 year.
The most important motives to get rid of clothing is wear out or a size that does no longer fit. But only every 5th bans clothing from her/ his closet solely for these reasons. More than 2/3rds sort out closing because they do not like it anymore.

Little use is made of alternatives that could lead to a more sustainable usage of clothing. Swapping or lending out are hardly considered options. Second-hand clothing is not very popular either. And in particular the younger generation does not consider repairing damaged clothing.
Besides the consumers Greenpeace takes up politics and companies in the textile sector and retailers on their promise. They call for quality seals to indicate sustainable production circumstances, guarantees on clothing as well as an obligatory return and recycling system – to name only few.

The objective is clearly outlined: clothing must not become a throwaway product.
You can read and download the full report of the study “Fast Fashion: Usage & Attitude” – so far only in German language – on the Greenpeace website: