Newsflash February 2018

  1. “The market research files“ – nuggets‘ statement on the disclosures of SPIEGEL ONLINE
  2. nuggets MES! – Product testing with all senses and with an eye for detail
  3. Food service: Brand images and digitization in the guest journey
  4. nuggets’ matter of the heart: Shining children’s eyes are making Christmas even better
  5. nuggets „inteam“: peer to peer

Newsflash May 2017

  1. nuggets MarketExplorer!: Utilize fundamental market understanding to tap potentials
  2. Webinar: Putting feelings into ad research
  3. nuggets survey ingredients lists on foodstuffs: What do women watch out for?
  4. New brains at nuggets

Newsflash March 2016

  1. Prohibition of alcohol sales in retail after 10 pm
  2. nuggets AdvancedPriceConjoint!: Price testing with extras
  3. Fast Fashion? How Germans deal with clothing

Newsflash September 2015

  1. add+impact® – Putting feelings into ad research
  2. Drivers and barriers in online food retail
  3. nuggets ThinkTank!: a modular toolbox for innovation research
  4. nuggets for Greenpeace: Fashion consumption among juveniles

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