News nuggets ThinkTank! – for successful innovations

nuggets ThinkTank! – for successful innovations

Do you manage to bring surprising innovations to the market, again and again? Really? Then this nuggets tool is not made for you!

Are you hesitating with an answer? Or is the topic ‘innovation‘ lively discussed in your company? Then you should learn about nuggets ThinkTank!

nuggets ThinkTank! contains modular research approaches which can be combined and used according to your needs. We accompany your innovation process with the various qualitative modules.

Set out on the path with nuggets and we will develop promising and innovative concepts!

What’s in nuggets ThinkTank! for you?

  • With our nethnographic and ethnographic approaches we will thoroughly watch, listen to and read about your target groups in close cooperation with you. This way we will find out where the shoe pinches!
  • In the Consumer Lounge we give the consumers a say. In a virtual community we start the discussion with the consumer. In cooperation with you we develop insights and draft first ideas.
  • The centrepiece of nuggets ThinkTank! is the Consumer&Clients Co-Creation. You will follow the group discussions with an interdisciplinary team of colleagues. Within the team you will develop new ideas and put them up to discussion in the next consumer group. This way promising concepts will evolve from the interaction of you, your team, nuggets and the consumer. These ideas can be tested in a following quantitative screening.

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