News The online food retail – a channel with a future?

The online food retail – a channel with a future?

To establish an online shop for foodstuffs – quite a few well-known companies have tried this in Germany in the 2000s. Most attempts were stopped after a trial phase. Only the business of niche suppliers lasted.
In 2015 there is almost none of the large food retailers who does not seriously consider to enter the online retail or who is already running an online shop. A good reason for nuggets to explore the consumer needs and attitudes regarding the online food retail.
Our netnographic analysis of drivers and barriers of the online food retail delivers exciting insights into the mindsets of the consumers. It comes to an encouraging conclusion: most of the current problems can be resolved. Read more

The most important drivers and barriers can be derived from the shopping experience and the convenience issue.
And in this, for quite a few it is of more relevance to avoid the negatively experienced shopping occasions in the stationary retail than to undergo a positive online experience – and this way it delivers a true gain in living quality.

The delivery service is the neuralgic point for the experienced convenience. The online food retail can only be successful if the delivery service is working along the customer’s needs.
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