How we operate: Research Phase

This step starts with the preparation of the research and ends after finalisation of data collection.

To fulfil highest quality standards, we established and follow a system of quality assurance measures:

  • Selection of cooperation partners and specialists from the network in close collaboration with the client.
  • Transparent research process gives clients the opportunity to follow the proceedings.
  • Detailed kick-off meetings with all included partners and specialists in person, by video conferencing or by phone.
  • In most cases, our project manager is in the markets for fieldwork. This is particularly important for qualitative researches where we strongly recommend to be in the market from the first briefing until the last session and the detailed debriefing with the local moderator.
  • For quantitative projects with face-to-face or telephone interviewing we normally brief the supervisors in person and accompany the first day of fieldwork at the facility.
  • Needless to say, on-going field and quality checks are conducted during fieldwork.

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