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DIY/DIT and automation as a promise for many: start surveys yourself and achieve efficiency gains.

The efficiency pressure at our customers for our clients is high, the same applies to time pressure. Trend in both cases: rising. Technical-digital approaches, i.e. automation in conjunction with standardization, make a major contribution to countering this pressure and continue to break ground.

Great DIY tools at hand: The range of products in the market is large with big differences between the providers.

We see simple, cost-effective tools for fast home use based on small budgets, intuitive tools with still somewhat limited possibilities, but also less intuitive with many possibilities, also in terms of evaluation. The inexperienced users will find their tool, but so will the experienced market research professionals with their high methodological demands.

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And the question arises: how much DIY should it be? DIY has to fit your structures and requires – many do not want to hear this – some knowledge.

Once you have the structures, resources and knowledge, DIY is an ideal approach to gaining insights that meets high demands in terms of agility, efficiency and speed. However, if structures, resources or knowledge are missing, DIY is not easy to implement. Do-it-together instead of Do-it-yourself becomes a platform-supported, ideal middle ground between DIY and external project implementation through our external support and accompaniment.


DIY / DIT: Our services (Overview)

What does nuggets offer you?

  • We support the selection of the tool to be used and give our recommendation in knowledge of your requirements and based on our neutrality.
  • We support the use of the chosen tool and help you to fit and adapt it profitably.
  • We train your users in topics such as questionnaire design, sampling and evaluation as well as in quality assurance measures.
  • We advise project-specifically with regard to conception, evaluation and interpretation of the results.
  • We offer human resources – when own resources should be limited at times.

The smooth transition from DIT to DIY and back.

Overall, we give you all the possibilities to carry out as much DIY as you would like and are able to implement. We are happy to be your partner and want DIY and automation not only to be a promise, but also to pay off in all desired dimensions with high quality of the projects. We are driven by the idea that efficiency gains are only gains if quality aspects are not compromised.

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