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Individually added value through efficiency in our daily business

When it comes to standards, we prefer a lean process chain. That leaves room for the creative conceptual and analytical component. And this is the difference – the nugget so to speak: When all questions have been answered, we often have ideas to lead you further.

Agile market research

Agility in project management requires agility in market research. The same applies here: Your demands determine our survey conception. And if results are needed especially quickly, we discuss the implications with you and give appropriate suggestions on how to achieve your project goals and high quality standards despite a tight timing.

Project phases

It is of vital importance to get the full picture of the business case before starting with the set-up of a project:

  • current state of specific knowledge at client’s side
  • information needed
  • expected use of results/li>
  • brand related specifics like current status, history, values and intended shift in image
  • peculiarities of the product field and relevant markets

nuggets critically analyses the status quo to fully understand the business case, to share understanding and to achieve commitment for the further process

Of course you expect to receive the best research approach for your specific request.

nuggets developed criteria to ensure a precisely targeted choice of methods and a workable research proposal:

  • fit the defined task and objectives
  • deliver actionable results
  • offer an appropriate level of validity
  • perform cost effectively

That’s why we …

  • choose optimal methods and adapt our tools to your specific demands
  • build teams of experts for requirements
  • prefer a close and cooperative relationship with our clients

The main objective always is to achieve your goals in the best possible way. This we do by all means.

We use various qualitative methods: …

  • (Online-) focus group
  • Online bulletin board/ MROC (Market Research Online Community)
  • (Online-) creative workshop
  • (Online-) in-depth interview
  • Dyad
  • Triad
  • Ethnography/ observation
  • Accompanied Shopping
  • Netnography
  • Think Tank (combination of multiple qualitative market research methods)

… in different places:

  • Online, i.e. via video call
  • Test studio
  • At the respondent’s home (in-home)
  • At the point of sale or point of interest
  • In hard to reach target groups also by video chat or telephone

Quantitative methods we apply: …

  • Online survey (via Online Access Panel or customer address)
  • Personal interview CAPI/ WAPI (computer/ web assisted personal interview)
  • CATI (computer assisted telephone interview)
  • Web-tracking/ observation

… in the appropriate place:

  • Online / mobile
  • In the test facility (CLT)
  • At the respondent’s home (in-home/ in-home-use tests)
  • at the point of sale or point of interest
  • by telephone

In data collection and analysis:

  • Conjoint analysis (CBC-approach, adaptive conjoint, alternative specific design etc.)
  • MaxDiff analysis
  • CHAID analysis
  • Driver analysis like penalty reward/ Kano or regression analysis/ correlation analysis
  • TURF analysis
  • Online Eye Tracking (Spotlight Viewer®)
  • Cluster analysis
  • Correspondence analysis
  • and much more

This step starts with the preparation of the research and ends after finalisation of data collection.

To fulfil highest quality standards, we established and follow a system of quality assurance measures:

  • Selection of cooperation partners and specialists from the network in close collaboration with the client.
  • Transparent research process gives clients the opportunity to follow the proceedings.
  • Detailed kick-off meetings with all included partners and specialists in person, by video conferencing or by phone.
  • In most cases, our project manager is in the markets for fieldwork. This is particularly important for qualitative researches where we strongly recommend to be in the market from the first briefing until the last session and the detailed debriefing with the local moderator.
  • For quantitative projects with face-to-face or telephone interviewing we normally brief the supervisors in person and accompany the first day of fieldwork at the facility.
  • Needless to say, on-going field and quality checks are conducted during fieldwork.

Often market research projects are under high time pressure and key results are expected as soon as possible to initiate first activities.

In most cases we define the need for and the scope of key results in the initial briefing.

Where appropriate, we provide first findings during fieldwork and key results instantly after finalisation of fieldwork:

  • relevant action standards
  • recommendations based on the most relevant research objectives

An online dashboard can help to gather results descriptively at an early stage as well.

The crowning final of every research project is the presentation and discussion of results. We definitely prefer a lively round table discussion with an active involvement of all participants over a pure front-end lecture.

To reach the maximum, nuggets – market research & consulting covers all relevant topics during the presentation:

  • insights and facts. Details only, if applicable
  • practical advice and solutions for tactical measures and strategic decisions
  • clear-cut recommendations
  • input for a fruitful discussion and commitment on further steps

If you would like to know more about our operations or our understanding of agile project management: give us a call or send an e-mail.

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