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It is fundamentally important for a successful new product development to understand the needs of your target group. Ideally, the product development process is consequently attuned to the relevant customer groups. This can only be done based on early and continuous testing of your ideas for new products.

Some call it design thinking, others call it agile market research. We call it market research that is consequently tailored to your requirements and methodologically sound at the same time.

nuggets offers a broad portfolio of approaches and tools to accompany you from the development of your product strategy and product development on, from the first idea to a successful launch of your product on the market (and beyond).

It depends on the details and the context of your objectives in what way we can support you to develop successful products. Please get in touch with us anytime – we are happy to advise you.

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Product development: our portfolio in detail

Whether it is basic research, classic product tests, a tasting at a test studio or approaches with an in-home-use-phase: nuggets always provides the suitable method, to accompany your product development process in an optimum way.

A targeted product policy as well as an ideal product positioning requires an in-depth understanding of your target-group and its basic dispositions regarding behavior.

For this means, nuggets has developed the nuggets MarketExplorer!, based on many years of experience with usage & attitude studies in various product categories.

The nuggets MarketExplorer! is a usage & attitude approach based on a well-established procedure. U&A studies can be conducted very efficiently by using survey blocks. At the same time, the tool provides enough flexibility to be adapted to specific needs and issues.

The nuggets MarketExplorer! helps you to …

  • Identify positioning gaps on the market via need-gap analysis
  • Uncover potentials for a new product launch
  • Determine the sales drivers and barriers of your brand and products (for example with classic driver analyses or penalty-reward analyses)
  • Identify your core target group and describe it in detail (for example by means of a target group segmentation or a CHAID-analysis)
  • Optimize your product design
  • Make your communications even more effective (see our approaches to packaging design and advertising research).

The nuggets MarketExplorer! can be supplemented by additional modules:

  • As an Add-On to the nuggets MarketExplorer! a qualitative approach like an internet blog or a diary is helpful to gain more in-depth insights into the living environment and everyday consume in the context of your products.
  • A brief concept test, integrated into the nuggets MarketExplorer!, gives the chance to test first ideas at an early stage and to use them for future product design.

A failed product launch usually is many times more expensive than preceding product research or a concept test. Ideally, you should test your new product with your target group as early as possible. We use the suitable method, depending on the question you pose. That way, a higher number of product ideas can be tested at an early stage efficiently and quickly by using a qualitative concept test or a concept screening – before a lot of money has been invested in product development already. With more complex products or pay scale concepts for services, a conjoint analysis often is the most suitable approach.

If the product development process is advanced to such an extent that there is a prototype or even a finished product already available, it can be tested in a concept-use test.

The introduction of new varieties of a successful product can be an efficient product strategy. Especially in FMCG markets it is decisive to be able to assess the potential of new types early on. With a type test we can find out which new variations have the highest acceptance within the target group and are suitable for a product introduction. In combination with a TURF analysis, we determine for you, with which combinations of varieties your customer reach can be expanded to a maximum in the future.

Depending on the objective, a product can be tested in a situation that is as close to everyday life as possible with an in-home-use-test or alternatively – if a standardized survey under controlled conditions is required – at a studio test. The test studios of our partners are equipped for testing various product categories, even the preparation of food products in a roomy test kitchen can be conducted.

With a product development you often want an assessment of the regular consumer in order to meet the taste of the ‘general public’. With the nuggets MES! we support the optimization of your products with meaningful results and in-depth guidance for further actions.

The  nuggets MES! (=magnitude estimation scaling) method is characterized by a scale that can be chosen freely and which has no upper limit.
Other than standardized tools, this scale allows for a proportionate assessment of products, as the range of the scale always is high enough. This way, even very subtle differences between products can become measurable by interviewing ‚ordinary‘ consumers.

With the nuggets MES! method, the participants assess…

  • different products which are similar in terms of product category (for example different versions of strawberry yoghurt)
  • in rotating order
  • based on given attributes (for example tastes sweet, is creamy, tastes fresh, …)
  • in proportion to each other

The nuggets MES! can be used for all kinds of questions:

  • Development of new products: Which of the newly developed recipes is the best one (possibly compared to a benchmark as well)?
  • Optimization of products: How can I improve my product? Is this realized and rewarded by the consumer?
  • Cost Savings: Is a change in the recipe due to more cost-efficient ingredients actually noticed?
  • Benchmark comparison and test of market influences in the competition: Is a better recipe the reason for higher sales figures (for example of a competitor) or may image reasons be responsible?

The nuggets MES! provides a lot of benefits:

The nuggets MES! succeeds in turning ‚ordinary‘ consumers ad hoc into sensory experts.

Your benefits: A method which can be learned by consumers easily, providing in-depth knowledge about your product in a cost and time efficient way. This is what makes the nuggets MES! the optimum method for the optimization of the recipes of your products.

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