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Around 70% of the purchase decisions are made at the point of sale. This is yet another reason why the package design as the showcase of your product is of highest importance.

The demands to a package are manifold. A package should:

Is your package sufficiently assertive at the POS? Does it create enough attention?

Is the packaging design helpful in differentiating you from the competition? And does it sufficiently stand out from other varieties of the same product range – while it remains clearly recognizable as part of a subrange?

Is the package appealing in an emotional way? Does the package convey the desired brand positioning? Does it communicate the information relevant to the consumer?

Does the package create a sufficient interest (to purchase)?

Does the package fulfill all functional requirements of the target group (for example easy to dose, reclosable, sufficient protection of the product, space-saving storage and so on)?

Do your packages really stand out on the shelf? Do they attract sufficient attention? And do they really communicate the desired values?

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Our portfolio for packaging optimization

With our know-how on the field of packaging development/ packaging design, we support you with targeted research approaches, customized to your questions, to optimize all facets of your packaging presentation – in Germany as well as other markets. Depending on the issues researched we use classic approaches as well as specific tools.

Shelf test – Your own packaging in the competitive environment

To gain attention and the appeal in the competitive environment are decisive for your packaging in a real-life purchase situation at the POS. With a shelf impact test your package is included in the according environment and that way a situation which appears to be real is created for the participant.

The shelf impact test can be conducted offline at a test studio, but also virtually via an online survey, as an online shelf test:

A shelf with real products and packages respectively is built up. With newly developed products, the package dummies can be integrated without a problem.
To provide a replication of the competitive environment as close to real-life as possible, the choice of products and their number should keep the situation at the POS in mind.

The ‚real‘ shelf offers the highest degree of flexibility: In a few steps, you can swap products or rearrange them, for example to test a package in a second test group or to test a different positioning of your product on the shelf.

A shelf test can be conducted virtually as well, providing a cost-efficient approach with a large sample. The images of the products can be integrated into the virtual shelf without problem and in high definition quality.
Additionally to this classic 2D integration of the packages, a 3D representation is possible as well, so the packaging can be viewed from all sides in a realistic way.

Further modules for packaging tests

In the field of packaging testing, nuggets offers a number of standardized tools, which can be used within the scope of pack optimization or a packaging relaunch, for example, separately or in combination. Among them are:

A test of various packaging designs, providing quick and cost-efficient information on which design is most appealing to the target group.

A use test is suitable, if the functionality of a new package is the priority. Are all dimensions – like dosing or recloseability – fulfilled to the full satisfaction of your target group? Depending on the objective and the product category, a handling test is possible in the test studio as well as in-home, under real-life conditions in an everyday environment
The marker tool lets participants mark freely on images which part they particularly like or dislike about a package design. Analysis is conducted by means of heatmaps in a clear and striking way. For an even more in-depth analysis of the generated findings, there is the option to let participants comment on some of the marked areas.
Recording the eye movement provides insights on the extent of attention individual elements on your packages draw. Because only information that is seen can reach your target group, after all.

  • nuggets offers eye tracking in both the classic way, with a camera in the test studio, but also on the POS. Here you can record the eye movement regarding a (dummy) package as well as the cut-through within a shelf design.
  • Additionally, nuggets offers an adapted version for online surveys, the Spotlight Viewer®. By means of this online eye tracking, large samples can be realized on a valid basis at comparably low cost.

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