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Personal. Scientific. Passionate.

A great wealth of experience always has its reason. With us it’s our passion for good market research – the kind that really helps you, our customers, and their brands.
What that means in our daily activities: At nuggets you always have a highly engaged research partner.

… is passionately curious! That’s why, even after 25 years in market research, he is still thrilled by exciting projects, enjoys challenging questions and is delighted by good answers. In his free time he is also motivated by curiosity: Traveling to foreign countries and flying at high altitudes.

Stefan Goldschmidt

Managing Director

phone: +49 (0)40 466 56 79 01
mobile: +49 (0)171 122 22 07

… is passionately meticulous! That’s why, even after 20 years in market research, he is still thrilled by each new project: Knowledge is often found in the details and that often entails unforeseen depths. In his free time he is -besides his family – enthusiastic about the depths of the oceans and acoustic aesthetics – from heavy metal to classical music.

Sören Reichardt

Managing Director

phone: +49 (0)40 466 56 79 02
mobile: +49 (0)171 333 18 20

…is passionately interested in backgrounds. For more than 15 years in market research she has been listening to her national and international clients, enquiring about details and initiating new perspectives.

In her spare time she is equally fascinated by looking behind the scenes: on her travels she enjoys exploring foreign cultures and collecting new impressions.

Diana Leyens

Research Director

phone: +49 (0)40 466 56 79 03
mobile: +49 (0)151 573 13 998

… is passionately interested in products and their sensory diversity.
That is why the ecotrophologist is enthusiastically interested in harmonizing client requirements and consumer needs even after 15 years in market research.

Kerrin Bock

Senior Research Consultant

phone: +49 (0)40 466 56 79 05
mobile: +49 (0)151 511 53 932

… is passionately interested in stories! That’s why, even after 15 years in market research, the consumers interests and needs associated with each project still excite her.

In her free time she is also curious about other people, what motivates them and their beliefs. Whether traveling or amongst friends – careful observation, listening and questioning provide valuable insights regarding other points of view and offer new food for thought.

Bianca Ralfs

Senior Research Consultant

phone: +49 (0)40 466 56 79 06
mobile: +49 (0)160 529 40 20

… is passionately interested in new things! For this reason, she is enthusiastic about different, exciting questions with various backgrounds, new ideas and hypotheses. After studying Business Psychology, she initially worked in the marketing field in the neighbouring England. After a year abroad she moved back to Hamburg, to gain a foothold in market research.

Valeria Stolz

Research Consultant

phone: +49 (0)40 466 56 79 10
mobile: +49 (0)151 200 30 488

… has a special interest in new, efficient approaches. He strives to support all efforts that point in this direction – without neglecting empirically relevant fundamentals.

In his spare time he is involved with horses and equestrian sports. He is not only interested in sporting aspects, but also in dealing with animals, which disciplines people and teaches them patience and humility.

Thomas Schäfer

Managing Director
nuggets – Research & Digital

phone: +49 (0)40 466 56 79 51
mobile: +49 (0)175 587 41 43