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Business-to-Business as an important link in marketing of many sectors

B-to-B customers: Experts in their respective industries with a strong influence on purchasing decision processes.
Business customers are experts in their respective industries. They understand a great deal of the topic and cannot be valued highly enough in their role as mediators and multipliers: The craftsman, who has a decisive influence on the selection of fittings in the kitchen and bathroom, but also the pharmacist, who advises a customer on the brand of a drug to be chosen and thus also has a decisive influence, are two examples, that vividly describe this fact. In addition, business customers are not only intermediaries, but also customers and buy not only industry-specific products and services, but also from other, general categories, often in orders of magnitude that we do not know from B-to-C environments.

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B-to-B research with increased demands on all stages in the research process.

With this knowledge in mind, it becomes clear that these experts want to be treated professionally and specifically in order to benefit from their professional knowledge and expertise in surveys. It is about the right approach, correct use of industry-specific terms and the collection of content that is also relevant from the point of view of the individual. In addition, experts only want to be interviewed by people who can meet them on an equal footing.

In the research process, challenges arise that revolve around the topic of sampling: the definition of the universe is often complex and the availability of a suitable selection basis is often not given to the extent that we know it from B-to-C surveys.


B-to-B-Research: Overview

What do B-to-B surveys do and for whom are they relevant

B-to-B research provides valuable contributions to many questions, whether as a supplement to B-to-C surveys in order to hear ‘the other’ point of view as well, or as a stand-alone project when B-to-C target groups have no relevance.

And B-to-B research is relevant to many more categories and to more customers than it seems at first glance. Also in the consumer goods industry with, for example, restaurateurs as a target group or in the automotive industry with so-called fleet customers – hardly any industries without B-to-B markets.

Results from B-to-B surveys make many markets completely understandable and are an integral part of the entire process.
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