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A strong brand …

  • differentiates and creates attention
  • is familiar and has a high recognition value
  • evokes positive associations and emotions

A brand is more than just a logo or a logotype, it is the fundament of a product. Even without specific knowledge about the product, the brand provides for orientation, creates trust and allows you to draw conclusions regarding quality and functionality.

This is why a professional brand management and a targeted brand strategy are the be-all and end-all. It should be based on an according market analysis and profound market research which indicates how your brand is perceived by the consumers.
Because only with this knowledge you are able to exert influence within the framework of your brand communication and actively have a say in shaping the future development of your brand positioning.

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Current demands on brand management

In the digital age, demands on a successful brand management have changed crucially. Influences on the brand architecture have become more diverse and the process of branding is influenced by a whole range of factors. Information is passed on faster than ever via social-media, buyer platforms and user forums. In chats and forums experiences and opinions can be exchanged in a minimum of time with decisive impact on brand image – and trends develop rapidly there as well.

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Brand leadership between the poles of various factors of influence

Chances and risks of modern brand management

Brands have become more alterable. This change should be considered, as it contains chances and risks alike for modern brand management. Influences on your own brand can develop a momentum of their own quickly and go into a direction which is contrary to the intended brand positioning. On the other hand, this dynamic can have a positive impact on brand development as well and make a brand more acceptable, for the development of new products or for new target groups which can be opened up.

How you can optimize brand leadership with nuggets

To meet the needs of modern brand management, you should always keep track of your brands and your consumers – your current ones as well as your potential future ones.

As a market research team with years of experience in consumer marketing research, the team of nuggets will be on your side as a competent partner for your understanding of your brand(s) and target groups, to strengthen them and to accompany you in brand development strategy.

Within the broad range of our portfolio, we can make use of various methods to help you finding answers to important questions regarding your brand strategy.

With brand tracking, we monitor your brand and your most relevant competitors on a regular basis and under stable conditions.
We check relevant parameters like prompted and unprompted brand awareness, brand usage, brand sympathy or the relevance of your brand with the consumer. Essential image dimensions can be part of the content of such a brand tracking as well.

To be able to compare the results of individual survey waves in a valid way, we attach high importance to the methodical approach. This is essential in order to generate reliable data, which ensures a comparability of individual waves and hence show the developments of your brand true-to-life.

A clear depiction and interpretation of results afterwards will help you to integrate the findings from our brand research into your brand management and to react quickly to possible changes.

If you want to challenge individual aspects about your brand in more detail and generate more in-depth insights, besides focus groups and workshops another qualitative research approach offers an option for you: so-called brand lounges. Brand lounges enable you to discuss with your target group in the virtual world. Small groups of carefully recruited consumers can discuss with each other over the course of several days – either ‘live’ in form of a chat or time-delayed in an an online bulletin board. Depending on the issue addressed, stimuli can be shown on the platform or small tasks can be given to participants.

You want the participants from your target group to film themselves with the camera from their mobile phones and share their experience with other participants of the discussion? No problem. With a brand lounge, you sidestep the common limitations of focus groups regarding time and space and also reach target groups which can hardly be recruited face-to-face.

A clear and strong brand image also works to differentiate from the competition. That’s why it is recommendable always to keep an eye not only on your own brand, but also on your biggest competitor brands by means of a competition analysis. What is happening at your competition? How do trends develop? Which changes could influence your brand as well?

In an image analysis, we investigate brand images in-depth. We find out, what the strengths of a brand are and what may be its weaknesses. Furthermore, additional, multivariate analyses can uncover which image dimensions are particular sales drivers and should be further enhanced. The comparison to the competition allows for statements on the uniqueness of your brand. Because your brand is only seen when it stands out.

Advertising measures serve as a means to increase relevant key performance indicators like brand awareness and to pointedly manage the brand image.
But are the measures you developed really suitable to achieve the desired effect? As brand emotions are one of the most important indicators to predict purchase decisions, the measurement of them plays a particularly essential role in our approach to advertising research called nuggets add+impact!. What impact does the advertising have on your brand and how does it change its perception? This tool can specifically predict effects of your advertising on your brand and delivers important impulses for the improvement of your advertising. The goal is to let your advertising work even more effectively for your brand.

The right method for every issue addressed

Many more questions can be posed and many other approaches can be imagined for research around the issue of brand management. For example, a planned line-extension or the launch of a new sub-brand can be explored in a brand capacity analysis. Or do you want to research first of all, which consumer groups are the most potent ones for you, by means of a target group analysis? Or you decide to look at the subconscious and use selected neuroscience approaches how your target group really thinks and feels about your brand.

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