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Successful innovation management demands competent preparation, success-oriented revisal and ultimately a target-aimed project management of the new business ideas.

As a market research institute, we can accompany you throughout the whole innovation process and support you in planning, managing and controlling innovations. Our service for innovation management covers the preparation and guidance of ideation (idea generation), but also the assessment of ideas and summarizing recommendations for further action to successfully implement promising ideas in practice.

With an innovation process, standard tools rarely lead to achieving your goal. The conditions in the separate groups of goods, the demands of the different customers regarding output and the willingness of various interest groups within the company to participate in an interactive innovation process vary too much.

We’d be happy to advise you as to when which modules of the nuggets ThinkTank! should be used. Just give us a call or send an email.

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Our approach to a successful innovation process

nuggets has developed a research program from which several parts can be extracted – depending on objective, need for research and individual demand – to be adapted to the individual needs of each client.

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Insight into the needs and motives of consumers is a precondition for every new successful business idea. Additional to classic market and trend research (for example a usage & attitude study), especially qualitative market research provides for deep insights into motives and behavior patterns of consumers.

If the needs of the consumer are understood and the newly gained insights are internalized, clear factors for enthusiasm can be identified. Based on these findings, the ideation leads to creative new business ideas relevant to consumers.

A conclusive revision of the ideas by means of a concept screening enables you to choose the most promising ideas. Together with the knowledge from previous research steps, the implementation of these ideas can be initiated in a prompt and targeted way, until you as a client and the end-consumer alike are convinced of the potential product.

Our methods for idea generation

Learn how your customer orients within the product field

  • Observe your customer in his real environment
  • Listen to your customer talking about your brand

Experience how your customers discuss you and your brand on the www

  • Utilize the innovative power of online-communities
  • Start a virtual, social interaction with your customers
  • Meet your customers in the virtual world and deal with them in cyberspace
  • Develop relevant insights together with colleagues and customers
  • Confer with your customers, use their creative potential
  • Form an interdisciplinary team and develop new ideas together
  • Identify the best ideas
  • Select the most success-promising concepts – with quantitative test approaches online or offline.

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