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  • Your communication concepts are supposed to be adjusted even better to your target groups?
  • You are not sure, which communication concept is most promising?
  • Your current ad testing tool is too expensive, too slow, or not helpful in improving your future advertising?
  • You have a limited budget for advertising and need to get the most from your ads?

To revise your advertising material, nuggets has an extensive tool set from qualitative and quantitative market research at hand, by which advertising material at all stages of execution can be be tested for effectiveness. And we do not just provide the basis for go or no-go decisions. We rather will use our experience and scientifically sound research methods to support you with the further development of communications and optimizing ad effectiveness for your brands.

We’d be happy to advise you about when and for what purpose which procedure should be used. Just give us a call or send an email.

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Our approaches in measuring advertising effectiveness

Depending on your goal we work with a standard set of tools and instruments for quantitative advertising material pretests and posttests, or with individualized approaches customized directly for your objective.

Our advertising research tool nuggets add+impact! is tested in in communication research for more than 25 years and is constantly developed further. It is based on the most up-to-date findings in brain research and neuroscience. nuggets add+impact! was developed to specifically build and manage strong brands. Especially brand emotions are a priority here. Because brand emotions often take effect sub-consciously and are key in predicting purchase interest.

Our system measures four different relevant dimensions which are decisive for advertising to work effectively:


The nuggets add+impact! Core Dimensions

We provide important impulses for the improvement of your advertising based on an in-depth analysis of each of the four dimensions. The goal is to make your advertising work even more effectively for your brand.

For a valid testing of ad effectiveness, we use two kinds of benchmarks:

Based on an extensive database, the effective ad benchmark values are deduced. If these values are met, the ad tested is very likely to be successful. That means we don’t benchmark by average values, but by norms for successful advertising.
A control group assesses your brand’s status quo – without direct influence of advertising. By comparing the test group and the control group, you can measure the contribution of the advertising material tested to brand loyalty very precisely.

nuggets add+impact® allows testing of all kind of imaginable advertising formats in all types of media:

  • Video formats like TV ads, in-stream ads, pre-rolls, post-rolls, video ads (Youtube, Instagram, TikTok)

  • Pure in-page online formats like banners, skyscrapers, wallpapers, layers, billboard ads and so on
  • Audio formats like in-stream or pre-stream ads, classic radio advertising
  • Classic print advertisements
  • OOH-formats like posters or citylight posters
  • POS advertising material like displays, banners, wobblers and so on
  • Special formats of advertising like microsites, advertorials

Advertising material is always tested with the same tool, no matter what the state of execution is. That way it remains comparable to previous concepts over time and the results of a comparative advertising analysis are more reliable.

Additional modules for quantitative advertising research

nuggets additionally offers further modules which can be used in an ad test or separately as well. Among these are:

The facial expression often reveals our feelings. The face of the participant is filmed with a webcam. A software decodes the emotions. That way, you can find out which scenes of an advertisement are particularly effective.

The eye movement of a participant is recorded, including the viewing time of individual elements. With this tool, the dramatic composition of an advertisement can be optimized.

The individual scenes of a video format are assessed separately. Again, we find out which scenes are especially suitable for specific advertising goals.

A brand claim often is part of communications. But is the claim understood? Does it convey the essence of the brand? We test your claim – within the framework of the communication material or in a separate claim test.

Individualized approaches to advertising research

A standard ad test is not always the first choice procedure. Especially when a very fundamental understanding of the perception of target groups is required, we choose customized market research. Especially in early stages of an execution or when you choose from several concept routes, our qualitative advertising research can provide the desired findings in a targeted and efficient way.

The right moment in communication research

In principle, nuggets recommends testing as early as possible in terms of state of execution. But of course your goal and your work processes will determine the right moment.

The earlier you identify weaknesses regarding advertising effectiveness in your communication concepts the easier and more economic it is to correct them. That’s why we recommend testing the potential advertising effectiveness as early as possible with a pre-test – especially with video formats like TV ads or in-stream ads like pre-rolls or post-rolls:

  • Treatment: You can already test first concepts for their potential based on their treatments, without having to put much effort into stimulus material already. Still, such an idea remains quite vague and has limitations in conveying emotional brand images. Here a qualitative pretest in particular appears suitable.
  • Storyboard: In a storyboard test the target group will already get a quite good idea of how the executed advertising material could look like. The effort required is reasonable and a specific idea presented in images can be shown to the participants. Depending on the specific goal, the use of a qualitative or a quantitative approach can be considered.
  • Animatic: With the test of an animatic the stimulus material is even more specific. Here auditive elements like music or sound effects can be included as well to convey the idea of the advertisement even more intensely.
  • Finished advertising: Of course, a revision of an advertising that has been finally executed can be reasonable as well – for example, to select the most effective ad from several options and to optimize the distribution of your budget on various ads.

Although it is recommended to test your advertising material with a pre-test before it goes on air – sometimes, a post-test can be appropriate as well. For example, if a pre-test was not possible due to a lack of time or if it was not considered to be necessary. Then the effectiveness of your communication can be tested in a post-test as well, of course. Still, the options to optimize are usually very limited then. But at least learnings for future advertising developments can be generated.

Continuous ad tracking

With an ad tracking we measure the success of your advertising activities over a longer period of time. Researching your communication success is advisable with higher and continuous spending and can be perfectly combined with a brand tracking. That way, you can not only determine if, where and from whom your advertisement has been perceived, but also which long-term effect your communications have on your brand. Hence it provides an ongoing indicator whether your communication still works effectively for your brand.

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