Dear clients and business partners,

We have always wanted to know things for certain: “Can excellent market research stir enthusiasm and passion – the kind of passion that lasts?” To find out, we joined forces 10 years ago and got started. Today, after more than 400 exciting projects in 27 countries, we can say: Besides always applying up-to-date theory, methodology and practical approaches, it is passion, expertise and empathy that make it possible to conduct excellent market research again and again – and let the nuggets shine.

Our best insights from 10 years of nuggets:

+ Curiosity isn’t the only thing that matters, but we do need it
+ Trust is the most wonderful gift we can give each other
+ Each challenge requires and promotes excellence
+ If you enjoy what you’re doing, so will your team and your customers
+ Age only plays a role when it comes to personas and target groups

It is thanks to you that we have been able to gain these insights! Without your enthusiasm and support, we would not be where we are today. Here’s to the next 10 years – stay with us!

Kind regards,
Stefan Goldschmidt & Sören Reichardt